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Cooking in Germany

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Will be working in a restaurant in Germany for 8 weeks. Anyone worked in a german restaurant before? Any advice or pointers? Looking for some specific kitchen terms ect.

Any advice / info would be appreciated.
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Hi Chris,


I happen to not only work in, but run, a restaurant in Germany. While I haven't got the time to quickly draw up a concise dictionary, if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

What area of Germany will you be working in? What type of restaurant?




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Hello sir,


I wanted  to know if you allowed students to come and work for you?

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Hi Tiffany,

I might be interested, but we are a small restaurant and can't pay a full-time wage. I'm also concerned about the legal, i.e. immigration/work permit, side of things. What nationality are you?



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