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Hi everyone!

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I am a keen home cook who would have loved to become a professional chef, I was damned at 15 when the domestic science teacher said it wasn't that I couldn't cook it was the way I did it! I ended up doing a-level needlework instead, I haven't sewn in over 35 years but I have always loved cooking.

I have joined this Forum to expand my horizons, I live in Yorkshire Uk and collect cook books gadgets and obscure ingredients! I have raised beds and have grown my own veg and fruit for the last 6/7 years. Although husband and I are now home alone we have 4 kids/step-kids and 4 grandchildren so plenty guinea pigs for my creations. I don't do anything too fancy really but love a party as an excuse to go a bit mad. smile.gif
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Hello, welcome jan.

Isn't this place fab?  Have you seen on Face Book and Pinterest yet?

I'm with you sister, in school I was told that I was preparing something or another incorrectly, but that's how our household liked to eat it.  That's when I realized that every palette is different.

There are many, many different ideas on food and everything related to food here at CT, with over 50,000 folks from all around the world, you can imagine.

A note in regards to the Pro forums, that's read only for folks not employed in the Food Industries, but it's very interesting to peak in on what they're chattering about.  The search bar at the top of the page is very useful, Chef Talk has been around for over 10 years, and many topics have gone around the Moon several times ;)

Take a look around and post any questions you might have about the site itself in the Feedback & Suggestion forum, one of the generous folks will help you out.

Once again jan, welcome to Chef Talk.

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