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Catfish: Oven Frying

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Chefs, I am an institutional Chef at a non-profit residential facility, preparing 150 meals a day for residential clients and staff. I just received a donation from a local food pantry of 120 lbs skinless IQF Catfish filets. Recommendations please on an oven recipe for utilizing this bounty. I have no fryer or deep fat capacity due to risk management concerns.

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We coat catfish fillets in an egg wash, seasoned panko, place them on a lightly oiled pan and stick them in the oven at 400 until done. Had them just last night with good results. Crispy on the outside moist on the inside.


You can substitute bread crumbs for panko.

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How about flour,egg, seasoned bread crumbs, fresh if possible and single layer into a hotel pan. Pre heated oven around 400f till crisp and done, around 10 mins or so.
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You could pan fry in small batches hours before hand, and then finish in the oven when you need to pick them up.
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Thanks to all that replied.The flour-egg wash-bread crumbs/ panko route is time tested, and worked. Pan fry, oven finish method is just not efficient time wise, due to portioning and cover count. It did have the best overall taste and texture, as well as held well.


I have had my best results incorporating this fish into chowder, jambalaya, gumbo and creole style fish taco's were a nice fusion.


I do however have a problem with some filets having a dirty/muddy taste. Mud vein is removed, product is rinsed, and even marinated in buttermilk. This flavor problem is inconsistent, and does not appear in all portions. Any suggestions or insights?

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