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trying to get a job in a kitchen.

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Went to culinary school, so i have the skills and knowledge of what i learned, but i only have about a month worth of experience in a fine dining restaurant as a prep cook. graduated during the job market crash, so have been working in a kitchen that does little to no prep or actual cooking. i really want to get back into a kitchen atmosphere/or catering, but i feel like my work experience is what sets me back from actually securing a job in a restaurant again. from an actual chef prospective, what do you look for in hiring someone, is experience alone the only thing you look at. if i could afford it so to speak i would start from a dishwasher position if i was promised to be moved up at some point in the short future, im 25 and have bills to pay so could only do that for so long, if anyone gets what im saying. but overall would love actual opinions on people who have hired kitchen staff, what they look for, and if lack of experience or knowledge is a "doesnt even bother to take chance on" type of deal....etc.

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Every one starts from the bottom...No one has started hes career  like a top chef...u need to advertise urself by sayin that u learn quick and whiling to work hard....and specially dont ask for vacations in your first couple months....rule # 1..advertise urself!!!

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I suggest you get your self cleaned up and start knocking on the kitchen doors---


As you mentioned,you don't mind starting out in a lowly position---Tell the manager or Chef that---Believe me,it will be refreshing to hear that a prospective employee is not better that the head chef!


Most kitchens advance staff as they learn--the chef is no dummy and sees who is capable of more responsibility-----


The best kitchen manager I ever had started out as a dish washer.


He whipped through the dishes faster than any I had seen---and then helped the salad guy---


He was soon better and neater than the salad guy---and on it went until he knew every station in the kitchen---his math skills were outstanding--his organization skills,remarkable.


I'm rambling------my respect for this quiet,capable man who simply asked for a job---


Go on,get your self into a good kitchen--and impress the chef by delivering what he wants--and then some.---Mike-----

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