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Keeping plates HOT !

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Hey everyone, so that's my first post :)

I'm the operations manager of a newly opened High-end Latin restaurant and I'd like to know what gear to buy to keep my plates hot.. I'm serving a Tuna Steak and since almost everyone orders it rare it gets cold 3 to 4 minutes after it's served.. I was thinking maybe putting the plates in the oven beforehand, but that would mean having huge gas expenditures.. Would an electric oven do the trick ? or is there any more professional gear to heat empty plates ?

Thank you in advance !

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All kinds of options....


The first, and most expensive is a heated "lower-ator",  a spring loaded tube that you stack in plates, a spring pushes the stack level so you can grab off one plate at a time.  Comes in heated and non-heated varieties. Expensive, find used if you can.


Second is a gas oven, but on low, or turn up the pilot light a bit and it will be just fine.  This does eat into oven space, and many places cannot sacrifice precious oven space.


Third is a proofing cabinet, or a "hot box"  Big, boxy, and space hungry, but effective.


Fourth, is the plate shelf above the range.  Dishes come out hot out of the d/w and stay warm up there.  Plates can get greasy or sauce splattered, but it is a decent option for small places.


I've worked in many places where someone has rigged up a car heater or small ceramic heater in a cupboard and kept plates in there.  One place had a crapped-out undercounter fridge that the Chef pulled the guts out of and stuck a car heater in.  Works just fine, you're only warming plates, not poaching foie gras...

...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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salamander oven....

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