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I have tried three times to make mayonnaise with Crisco vegetable oil and it absolutely will not emulsify.  I have been successful using olive oil.  Is there something wrong with the oil?  It seems pretty thin, certainly thinner than the olive oil I use?  I bought the oil at grocery outlet which is a discount store.  It doesn't smell bad at all, but it is pretty liquidy.  I have used a full bottle trying to experiment and figure out what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

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With a tried and true recipe like yours I would tend to agree that it must be one of the components.

That being said, I am running across some of my fave brands with lessening quality (as well as size and formula changes) and having to find a new bestie.

I am no food chemist but maybe check the label (also the specific gravity if you are truly curious) as the law of the land re packaged foods (US) remains the same.

Compare it (lable) to a bottle from a regular market and you may find an answer.

Maybe there was a recall and the store ignored it.



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Thanks so much for your reply.  I did look at the expiration date and all was fine.  Just wondering if any others had problems with Crisco, but it seems it may have been a user error.  I forced my husband to please prove me wrong and make some mayonnaise with Crisco.  He was able to make it emulsify, although it was more saucey than thick.  He did it with a hand whisker.  I did mine with a food processor.  I think the olive oil is so easy you just cant mess it up. With Crisco, you need to follow the recipe exactly and be careful not to overmix maybe.

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I just hate when that happens :blush:.

A while back I admitted to being just a so-so cook (but working hard to change that) at home

The hubs as well as frequent guest cooks are the toughest of critics.

Of course I was taught everything but the baking is all that stuck lol.



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