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black royal icing running!

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Hi Everyone: Wanted to pick your brains as to if this has happened to any of you professional bakers!, I have a cookie company,sweet treat company , wanted to know if you are experiencing royal icing black trim or accents that are speading or "running" .  We have tried calling and checking with dye company, checked #'s of bottle,dates,bought new ones, waited for cookies to "really" dry well, fans, a/c freezing, lesser humidity, still have this new issue, we have been in business x 10 yrs. and this has started now?any thoughts or help?Lisa

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Hi Banditcookie!


For me, a stiffer icing using Americolor brand for red or black works best. Sometimes there is still some bleeding but not always so it may be humidity related since I'm in North Carolina.


Welcome :)

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X2 lulu.

I try to avoid those deeply saturated dark colors but when I must ,Americolor is my go to.

Ran across this site (the cookies are stunning...thought maybe there was a tip for you somewhere, lol)



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Girl, you've gotta check out these


The details have me awestruck! I think frustration would keep me from completing even one.

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Oh my.....

Her prices are really quite reasonable for such awe inspiring work.



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