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Call me Cobes. Ten years of experience with almost 8 of those management. Worked in over a dozen restaurants in literally all aspects of the business. But my passion is food. I currently live in South Carolina and work as a Sous at a very up and coming "modern" steak house. I graduated from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in early 2005 and haven't stopped since. My training has even taken me to Italy for a few months. With a Mexican background, French schooling, Italian training, and deep roots in southern food/culture I don't like to say I have a style. My good friend coined my style as "modern contemporary neo classical". Exactly, makes no sense.

I joined this forum to gain/share the knowledge we have. Talk crap and vent anger. I hope I'm here for the right reasons.

Eat well,
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Jump right in-----Help the ones you can--and post up a couple of your favorite menus----I woke up hungry and have a yen for a southern style Mex/Italian/euro classical nonsense breakfast!!



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