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Mailable savory dish.

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I am sending a care package to an MP in Afghanistan, I have purchased some stuff including pepperoni, candy some quick add water mac and cheese.  I am going to bake some chewy oatmeal craisin and nut cookies.  I would love to make something on the savory side, no time for charcuterie, any suggestions for something that could take several weeks to get there? Thanks

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do you have a dehydrator?

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I do.  Sorry about the delay my PC died.

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I was just thinking there are a lot of things that work well dehydrated. jerky or things like this. maybe try a test run with something like a powdered mash, season it how you like it and record everything so you can just build in the dry ingredients and vac seal it, try making a dehydrated meat or fish to go with it? idk just some ideas i dont know what else we can do 

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Thanks I will play with that.  I did send some purchased cured sausage and pepperoni with home made crackers, as well as biscotti and some junk food.

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