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Hello fellow stove slaves.
I'm a Finn running a game-restaurant in northern Norway and got around the forums today while trying to look for the name of a potato dish I'd forgotten.
Your forums seemed like a comprehensive medium with diverse topics so I decided to join in.

My experience lies mostly in fine dining with savory and pastry alike, so if somebody needs advice regarding Scandinavian cuisine, wild game or pastry, I'll be happy to help within the limits of my expertise.

Thus, with introduction's over, I'll move on to browse your site for inspiration and information.

Tally ho.
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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Finn, so glad that you found all of us.

I'm sure that you've already discovered that we are an eclectic gathering of folk.

You'll find everyone here from can't boil water to CCI; located possibly in Paris or Hong Kong.

Jump in were ever you find interest, you may want to utilize the search bar at the top of the page as CT has been around for more than 13 years.  Oh, and check out on Face Book and Pinterest too, LOVE the pins!

Whatever you choose I hope that you will visit often and share in all things food, and welcome once again.

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