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A new frenchie is here !!

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Hi !!


Nice to meet you !!


My presentation : i am a 28 year old boy, i live in Paris and i love cooking.

That's not my job but that's my obsession (really !!). 


My goal in that forum is to improve two of my skills : my cooking technics (learn recipe, gestures,...) english.

Indeed, speaking english is one of my worst fear. And i think it's easier to learn english when you're talking about something you love.



Don't hesitate telling me if what i say is incomprehensible or even false.


Concerning my cooking projects, in January 2014, i'm gonna give cooking lessons directly in people's home.

I'm still in a test phase with friends.


Nice to meet you again, i really hope learning lot of things here :)




Edit : Here's my Deviant Art :

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Welcome---Please let us know more about your cooking lessons.


If English fails you--use French and someone will translate---this site has members from all over the globe--------Mike-------

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Concerning cooking lessons : 


I'll send a menu to the interested people.

On that menu, it'll be different meals. They gonna choose one of these. Then, i'll send us a products list which they have to buy (with that system, they can choose if they prefer organic products or not, if they prefer specific brands...).


Then, i'll go in their home to show us how the make the chosen recipe (technics, tips,...)


The lessons takes 1 hour and a half but they will repeat the recipe only in 20 minutes.

I think that's a perfect system for Parisian people because they always say that they don't have time to cook but they'd love to invite friends come to diner.


I want to show that cooking well is possible in just 20 minutes.


- - - -


Concerning my English, i really have to force my self to speak. If i start to think "many members speaks french, i don't care", that's not good haha.


So, don't hesitate to tell me, because i know my english is really poor.


Thanks for your help and your welcome :)


Ps : because of you, mike, i already learnt what is a "caterer" !!

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