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Delices & Gourmandises  

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Hi everyone,

I really love French gastronomy, especially Provencal one. I had the opportunity to travel in France few months ago and gave a taste to special dishes; unfortunately the dream was over when I came back in the UK. I would like to prepare some French dishes but it is rare to find reliable product nowadays. I appreciate if anyone can tell me if I made a good choice by ordering at Delices & Gourmandises, if not can someone give me traditional or Provencal French recipe?

Thanks a lot,

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Patricia Wells is an American Cookbook writer who has lived in Provence for over 20 years. She has written several excellent cookbooks, 3 of which feature Provencal cuisine--which doesn't really require much in the way of exotic ingredients--mostly good olive oil and fresh, ripe vegetables (OK, the vegetables can be a challenge in winter.) Her books are available in the UK.

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Hi wendi,

I often ordered ready-to-eat-meals at Delices & Gourmandises, when I do not have time to cook; the products quality is ok and sometimes they give prizes. I can say that Delices & Gourmandises is reliable but you can also wait for other feedbacks or try to get friends or relatives opinions if you are still hesitating.

Best regards,

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Thanks a lot Terry; the book is really interesting and helpful. Thanks as well Loevan for replying, it will be my first order.In fact,some colleagues have ready ordered there, they seemed to be pleased.

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You’re welcome Wendi, I discovered Delices & Gourmandises recently too and like you, I was always wondering if it is reliable, I got the answer through my first order.

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I have used Delices & Gourmandises for multiple occasions, for my little son's birthday (I ordered Belgian chocolates and butter cookies) and last week ( Tender Knuckle of Ham and Beef puff pastries) . They have wonderful selection and the products are delivered just in a couple of days, with other company you'll have to wait for more than 3 days sometimes the products do not even arrived on time.

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Originally Posted by Wendie5 View Post

Hi everyone,

I really love French gastronomy, especially Provencal one. I had the opportunity to travel in France few months ago and gave a taste to special dishes; unfortunately the dream was over when I came back in the UK. I would like to prepare some French dishes but it is rare to find reliable product nowadays. I appreciate if anyone can tell me if I made a good choice by ordering at Delices & Gourmandises, if not can someone give me traditional or Provencal French recipe?

Thanks a lot,


There is not much in the way of special ingredients when it comes to Provencal cuisine - as Terry said, just get fresh, high quality produce,


A provencal recipe I like very much are alouettes sans têtes - here is an exemplary recipe, not the best one, but something to start working from: - essentially little roulades in a very savoury white wine sauce. 

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My grandmother is a big fan of Delices & Gourmandises. Frankly speaking, among the products she ordered there ,I was extremely pleased with Delices & Gourmandises Chili con carne prepared with kidney beans, richly textured ans spiced.

Delices & Gourmandises Lamb Moussaka is also gorgeous, I was suprised because I thought they prepare only French food but obviously they offer Mediterranean dishes, they have also great snacks and appetizers, worth trying.

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I had never heard of this Belgian company. This came up on a google search
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I this some typt of paid advertisement for D&G?
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Warning!!! Delices & Gourmandises is without a dought a scam!!!!!

The OP and other persons responding here, could be one and the same person, or there may be several persons acting to play the satisfied customers!

They did exactly the same over here; read how strangely similar the comments are and the statement by the OP, both here on CT and on the following website;


They publish a Belgian address in Virton, but in fact it's just a postbox! They operate from France. The telephone numbers are non existing in Belgium. I found one that is a typical French number. Their telephone numbers will charge you from the first second you call them!


There are a number of press articles on the internet -in French- that point at this company to be known as a fraud. They are after your money. 


Here's another sign of how they work;

It's a so called "blog" from France. They use it to link to no one else than DG as much as they can. Strangely enough, they open with a rum baba thread, something our OP also did here in one of her/his previous posts.


So @Wendie5 what game are you playing?

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It does appear that Delices and Gourmandises is a scam. There is strong evidence of shill accounts and/or collusion between Wendie5, Cheima and Loevan. So that's just another strike against this company. We'll do more good to leave this up and let people know what sort of practices this company resorts to. 

Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
Palace of the Brine -- "I hear the droning in the shrine of the sea monkeys." Saltair
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This is kind of intriguing, and I guess it's not uncommon on the net. You mention "strong evidence..."   and I note the join dates of several of the posters on this thread.  Is there some other significant evidence?  That you can discuss?


I love a mystery!



travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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This thread really helps if there are people who want to express any disappointments, satisfaction about Delices & Gourmandises company I think.It would be fun if those people who comment on blogs,making complaints, can take part to this topic.This way, we can see where is the true and false about it.

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Just to satisfy your curiosity, here's a few testimonials about D&G. The first one is from a facebook page. I'm copying it to this thread for everyone to see what kind of criminals D&G and the sister company Delices d'Annie really is.




"During a regular visit to an 89 year old lady on a volunteer befriending basis, she was very excited to tell me the great news that she was about to become a ‘wealthy’ lady. To an 89 year old, living on her own and surviving on a widow’s pension, the promise of amounts like £5,000, £7,000 and £8,100 is a substantial windfall.

Of course I was curious to know where these generous sums of cash were coming from and it turns out they had been promised to her by a company called Delices & Gourmandises.

So, here’s how it works. My 89 year old has been receiving letters from Delices & Gourmandises once or twice A WEEK since August last year. In each correspondence are things like a Form for the ‘Awarding’ of an amount of money. You have to complete the claims form located above your Order Form and all communication is emblazoned with things like ‘URGENT RESPONSE’ and ‘IMPORTANT’ ‘Payment of £8,100.00 Guaranteed’. They even enclose an ‘Official letter regarding the award of the grand prize’, for post security reasons it obviously says SPECIMEN all over it and the cheques for £8,100 naturally have ‘once declared grand winner by the independent legal advisor’, but that’s to be expected right?

All my 89 year old has to do is place an order for sweets/cakes/biscuits. And there is even a helpful phone call (or several) a week from a gentleman from the company informing her that her next letter is on its way and reminding her of the urgency to place her order immediately. More phone calls from a lady, calling herself Wendy McCoy (whose name is all over the received letters) asking for my lady’s bank details.


Curiously, I don’t think this is to deposit the winnings, because the letters state that the ‘cheque will be delivered to your home and we will even accompany you to the bank to deposit your cheque’.

These are all very personal letters to my lady alone because, with her excellent 89 year old eyesight, she can of course see that the handwriting isn’t printed, it’s real, and that the cup stains on the documents are, of course, not printed but real.

So I was curious to know how much my 89 year old, widowed and living alone on a pension, was spending on Delices and Gourmandises. She summised ‘about £200 overall, £30 here and £25 there’. As with most people of her generation she does everything by cheque so out came the cheque books so we could tally up the entries on her cheque stubs.

£651.03 in the space of 8 months on sweets, chocolates, biscuits and cakes. She had an example of her most recent order. An A5 sized bag of fruit jellies (completely unboxed and unbranded in a clear plastic bag)…£9. Three cakes, a little bigger than a standard cake bar, about half the size of a loaf tin….£15.

But think of the return! £651.03 to get back £5,000 or £7,000 or £8,000…GUARANTEED…is pretty good right?

I’m blown away by the obviously charitable, generous nature of this Company. Following an internet search it seems that 100’s of elderly people are being promised relatively large sums of money! I can’t make any promises to you and your elderly loved ones, though, because unfortunately I didn’t find anyone that had actually received their promised amounts.

However, I’m so blown away by their generosity that I intend to tell everyone I know about it. I have found some online articles about them but I really don’t feel that this great news is being spread well enough so I’m starting with this Facebook campaign and then onto…well I can think of a few TV programmes that would be perfect for sharing this kind of information!!"





Even more stunning are the following testimonials from quite a number of people. It's in French but I'm sure, Americk,  you'll find your way to translate all of this;

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I must say that I was lucky enough when I ordered there because everything happened as expected; yet I am a bit surprised I didn't receive any letters dealing with this great amount of money. How do you explain it? It is so confusing... maybe someone is just playing using the name of the company

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Enjoyed your post and the reference. To quote Alice..."this gets curiouser and curiouser"


Maybe the operative words in the quote are asking for my lady’s bank details.


Is this a routine scam to get the details to loot a bank account, or a rather sophisticated way to get the gullible to buy a lot of hugely-overpriced cakes/candies?


Or both?


Waiting with bated breath for the next installment.  ;)




In the meantime, I probably won't be shopping there.

travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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I do not know much about the right and wrong of it but what is important for me is the products delivery, no matter if I didn't get any prizes, everybody should know that it is just a kind of encouragement to buy more items.We are free not to respond to any of their letters ; however there's still another evidence, I was looking for more information about it and find this

it is French but you'll find way to translate it I think; I was surprised because there are people who got prizes, maybe it is just by luck since when we send the order , they said that we can participate freely to a lotery draw, maybe only those who are lucky enough and selected by the company receive prizes.

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Hi all,


I am not Delices & Gourmandises customer but from the comments above, I can conlude that there's a big misunderstanding between Delices & Gourmandises customers and the company itself.What Jack said above is not totally wrong, was it so important to get prizes?
As far as the evidence is concerned, it is not quite promising but it's up to everyone to believe it or not.As human beings and personally, I wouldn't blame a company for not giving prizes but if they send either damage products or none .Of course, this will be unfair. I read some articles recently and found lots of people who complained about prizes but in fact, what was it for? If I understand, the company just send letters to convince people to order more and more items,they are free not to order, yet the company didn't force them into ordering products so what those complaints for?


I think, both of them (the company and the customer) should make an agreement.

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