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I recently joined this forum to ask you experts for some advice in selecting a knife.


I am staying alone and I am starting to cook@ home and  am beginning to love it. I am from India but I stay in US.


I need your help in suggesting me a good knife for a beginning and also grow with or into it.


Below are my details.


Food Preference  => Only Vegetarian (NO MEAT) (veggies and herbs ONLY)

My Height => 5 feet and 11 inches

Hand Size => approx 15 cm.

Hand preference => Righty

Budget => 100 USD (but willing to go above also)


I did some research and found CUTCO Vegetable knife as a good choice but they were about 170 dollars. Not Sure though.


Please help me select a good quality knife for my situation.



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Greetings, and welcome to CT.

Were you aware that there is an actual forum in here devoted solely to knives/cutlery?

Good start, lots of valuable info in there, just search backwards.

And you can of course, ask further questions in there as well.



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Thank you. I have posted in that forum.




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