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This is the only recipe i saw online that can be done by letting the milk sit on room temperature and it turns into the culture that i need, only question now is the recipe ask for unpasteurized milk and it is nearly impossible if not impossible to find unpasteurized milk, would this work with pasteurized milk? I am not very adventourous, i could just put the pasteurized milk at room temperature and it may turn to yogurt but not sure if it would be mesophilic starter culture. I am wanting to make homemade cream cheese, i don't have rennet but i will follow some recipe minus the rennet, don't really need it because i will whisk it to make cheesecake. The key to good food is freshness and that includes the creamcheese, I saw few recipes and they are among the best if not the best and I am sure they did not make their own cream cheese and butter. If they make their own cream cheese and butter to make the cheesecake, they will be in heaven :-) i want to make it simple because the main thing when people eat cheese cake is not the biscuit section or the topping, it will save costs, money and time too. So back to this topic, will pasteurized milk do?? I saw another recipe that states you can make mesophilic culture by putting cultured buttermilk at room temperature as it already has the mesophilic but not intense enough, putting it at room temperature will make it intense.


By the way I plan to make this two cheesecake recipe :-) May skip the crust and topping. By the comments, it seems to be the best if not the best.


The last link which is youtube link is related to the second link, same person.