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I felt so fortunate to have had another ‘off-line visit’ with Durangojo or Joey, and this time I was the hostess-with-the-mostest.

You may or not know that Joey has a winter gig in California again this year; she is taking The Bus (that's her motorhome) out there. 


(this is from my house this time)

It’s a pretty long haul from Durango to Pescadaro, I was so glad to hear that Arizona was going to be a stop for them. 

Then it hit me, oh my gawd, I am going to cook for a chef, a real chef!  Talk about nervous!

I already had planned on making Snapper Vera Cruz for Sunday Supper earlier in the week; so in order to have plenty of time to chat face to face, I made the sauce the night before. 

I also made the night before, some brownies at my husband’s suggestion, that would be made into sundaes for dessert.  I sent Joey off with two extra brownies for a midnight snack back at The Bus.

I could not have been more pleased than to see the incredible, smart, beautiful Ms. Greta the German ‘shedder’ (Joey's puppy) make herself right at home.  She was the best doggie guest ever!


We had a fabulous visit, again!  Mahalo, thank you Joey