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Newbie from South Aus

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I am Chloe, a youngster - only 20 years old and have been around food most of my life.

Started working in a fruit and veg shop, have done a cooking course at my local TAFE and have done work experience under a great chef doing food prep and helping to serve up food. I did lose my passion for being a chef briefly after that but have regained it over the years with experimenting with dishes at home.

I have a passion for food and for coffee as well and want to vamp up my food knowledge to match my coffee knowledge. 

I wish to travel the world and live in England for a year and hopefully apply for a year long apprenticeship in Jamie Oliver's 15 programme.

I currently work in a small establishment in vegetarian French Cuisine where I'm able to get in to the kitchen and assist the chef, mostly doing cold larder and dessert presentation as well as work in front of house where I am a top barista. I am slowly learning to control the kitchen with supervision from the head chef though.


I was brought up around Italian food and absolutely love it especially the smells of home made tomato sauce and the taste of home made wine and olive oil, mmm. I do have a way to go though but dream of being thrown in to the deep end of a restaurant as a head chef - would be an excellent experience. 


I'm not sure how but I'm glad I came across this site and am definitely going to go through the forums. :)))

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Welcome---you will find folks from every continent here--good to make friends in places you may travel some day---Join in and have fun---Mike----

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Thank you :)

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