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Whats going on your Winter Menu?

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Can't believe we're already heading into winter, it feels like August was just last week! Winter menus are one of my favorites with braised meats, root vegetables, endives, squashes, cured meats, creamy polentas and truffles!


Just brain storming here but.......

Owner wants short ribs so they need to go on...

Would like to try braised veal cheeks with marsala and cippolini onions over truffled polenta at some point...

Maybe poached pears with star anise, vanilla beans, hazelnuts...

Duck Rilettes on crostini with fig jam...

Braised fennel with blood oranges and thyme...

Pancetta Fat roasted brussels sprouts...

Roasted Leek and Root Vegetable bisque with lots of butter...


Unfinished ideas here but what are you guys thinking of doing?

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Lol over here in Africa we have the harmattan season which is extremely dry and cold. And for the lovely harmattan Christmas weather I'm thinking some warm creamy Strawberry Pap and some spcey ground beef bean cakes, nicely baked warm cheese croissants, parmesan pork broth the classic Nigerian roasted Cocoyam tubers emerged in spice chilli and red onion palm sauce...with some hot and spicey goatmeat pepper soup to go with it. Fried yams in egg blanket with the red pepper and onion fiesta is magnificent too! Can't wait u guys to get all warm and spiced up for the season lol!
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Fall and winter are the best for food!

For short ribs try using coke in your braise really a nice touch.
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linecook, you made me DROOL .....


if I were to make a menu, I'd love to put game on it.... since its mostly fine dining over here would have to think what to put with it.

I love the autumn and winter flavors so I would take out the port, red wine and warm spices , maybe with some bitter chocolate in the sauce.

a mousseline to go along, served with blanched seasonal veg like root vegetables in a nice mix for color.

just something...


for desserts sky is the limit, something warm along with icecream. .... chocolate fondant...maybe with a surprise flavor in the centre, not the usual....bring on the cardamom, cinnamon combined with passion fruits or orange segments, decorated with cress, flowers and mini merengues 

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In this (German) restaurant we're in the process of creating a couple of Christmas menus for private parties which include


cream of chestnut soup

potato soup with smoked bacon (a regional speciality)

pumpkin soup with Christmassy spices


wild boar and venison stews with red cabbage braised with red wine and pears


duck rillettes with mâche lettuce and a raspberry vinegar/extra virgin rapeseed vinaigrette


crab apple tiramisu with calvados

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nice, recky!

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