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Himalayan salt with truffles

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I frequently pick up ingredients that look intriguing and figure out what to do with them later.  This week is no different.  The other day I was at Trader Joe's and came across a small cylindrical-shaped tin with the label "Himalayan Salt with Truffles".  It was sealed, but only $5.99 so I grabbed one.  When I got home I opened it up to take a look and a whiff.  It smells absolutely divine!  For a long time I've wanted to try working with truffles in some way; however, it can be expensive and I've been told it's easy to overwhelm a dish if too much is used.


As much as I'd be happy to sit around and take an occasional whiff of this stuff . . . I would appreciate suggestions how to best use this truffle salt to acquaint myself with the flavor profile.  Since it cost under six bucks, I can afford to be experimental . . . I just don't want to be foolish.

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I bought one once, and never finished it. I think I ended up throwing it away. 


Not that it was bad. As you say, it's a very powerful smell and taste. But it's really, really specific and has a strong character. So you can't use it on many things without changing their taste to ... the taste of truffle. After a while everything tastes like truffle and I got tired of it. 


Having said that, I would recommend you start using it on dishes that don't have a complex flavor in and of themselves: a simple pasta dish, eggs, or an omelette, or some sliced tomatoes... I also used to finish mushroom risotto with a little bit of truffle oil... but I don't think the truffle salt texture would work with a creamy risotto. 


Have fun!

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Oh my gosh.  I know first hand how excited you were to find truffle salt at such a price point.  My experience is absolutely the same.  I was given a jar of truffle salt as a gift and was crazy for it but when it ran out ??? then what? I was so happy to find it at TJs.  Here are some of the ways I use it on a regular basis but I now just sprinkle some on lots of things.  Just try it.

On pop corn (just plain pop corn)

potatoes cooked just about any way.  Really good on roasted potatoes with EVO and on home made french fries. 

These are my two favorites but lots of other good things too. Not so thrilled with meat dishes but many vegetables.

Maybe soy beans.  Little bit goes a long way

Have fun.

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Use a couple of pinches to salt pickle celery root.  Killer.

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