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My name is Sandra and I am a self trained chef. I currently work with special diets for cancer patients and weight loss (which is being me personal challenge as well lolololo). Love transforming ingredients and making possible good, creative and healthy food for high restrictions diets. Cooking is an every day learning process and love to feel the growing, the learning and the sharing of good food.

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Aloha Sandra, welcome to Chef Talk.

Well, it sounds like you're not a Home Chef but a Pro if you're helping folks with their dietary challenges.

Take a look around and if you have questions just give a shout out.

CT has been around for over 13 years now, so if you have an interest, you may want to utilize the Search bar at the top of the page and keep an eye ball peeled on the posting dates :p

Don't miss on Face Book as well as Pinterest, fantastic stuff!

More than anything though it's all about sharing in all things FOOD!!!  My favorite topic for sure...

Cook on!

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Hola kaneohegirlinaz!!!!... I don't consider myself a PRO as I didnt go to the culinary school. However i have had wonderfull culinary experiences and I easily hang on my wall my 2 university degrees for my cooking life. I finally do what I love. Everyday is a new discover, a new challenge and I grow permanently for positives as well as critics comments. I h eard once hawaian food is similar to Caribbean food. Is that true?. I'd love to discover hawaian gastronomy. Have a wonderful day:



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