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My deer hunters

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Just got finished with my deer hunters for another year.

Our camp bagged 2 within the first 2 days of rifle season.

This morning I will be butchering them both.


Now Michigan's deer hunting season is special to the people here, and they take it seriously.

Schools close for the opening day.

It is almost impossible to hire anybody to do anything for the first full week of the season.

We non-hunters pray that the washer or dryer or sump pump don't break down during these weeks

The season ends December 30th and returns to bow and arrow hunting and Musket hunting is in there some where as well.


When a bunch of guys get together to hunt, drink fermented beverages, and "Bond" it is called "Deer Camp."

Food can range anywhere with pizza and beer to spaghetti or meatloaf. Lots of sweets too.


Because of my situation as a private Chef for a family I am not immune to any of this; however, those foods previously mentioned would never appear on any deer camp menu within these walls.


Night before hunting season begins menu:


Panko Fried Shrimp (16/20 pd) with cocktail sauce

Grilled Caesar Salad with Parmesan Croutons

Sourdough Baguette

Standing Rib Roast with au Jus

Sour Cream Horseradish

Green Beans, Red potatoes with Garlic Butter and Bacon

Peach Cobbler a la Mode


First night menu:


Cold Smoked Vodka Brined Salmon Crostini's with Chive Creme Fraische and Capers

Vegetable Spring Rolls with a Zesty Asian Dipping Sauce

Garlic and Herb Breadsticks

Rotisserie Chicken

Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes

Buttered Asparagus

Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream


The Last evening's menu celebrates the hunt and the guys who bagged the deer.


Roasted Chicken Tulips tossed in Demi-Glaze 

Wedge of Iceberg Lettuce with Red Remoulade Dressing

Cloverleaf Rolls

Venison Liver with Caramelized Onions and Bacon

German Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Roesti Potato Wedge

Tia Maria Godiva Liqueur Ice Cream Parfait


I also prepared breakfasts and lunches, baking sandwich bread, pecan sticky rolls, soups, and cold cuts.

I also baked huge 5" in diameter chocolate chip cookies for the guys to take to their deer blinds.

(Small structure built out in the woods with which a hunter can hide and not be seen by the deer)


Cooking for 8 guys comes easy but I can see where it would be a lot of work for someone not doing it but once a year.

My server hosts 8-10 herself, cooks for them, and still has time to come in and serve our guys. She's a gem, but I'll never tell her that.    (LOL) 

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Sounds like a nice menu ChefRoss. My Camp is on the South side of the Straights from you about 25 Miles SE. With this cold snap there will be a lot of happy hunters. It's been a loooong time since I've hunted the Island. How late in the year are you there?



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I think the most wonderful thing in the world is another chef. I'm always excited about learning new things about food.
Paul Prudhomme
I think the most wonderful thing in the world is another chef. I'm always excited about learning new things about food.
Paul Prudhomme
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Hello back....I am on the island all year round. Been here 15 years now.

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