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Hello From Ashland!

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Hello everyone in the Culinary world excited to come across this site.  I hale in a small town in Oregon where we have over 50+ restaurant's and have a Shakespeare Festival that threads our business for the summer.  Excited to start talking food.

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Aloha and a big wave from a VERY small town in AZ

with about three restaurants and not much else... HA! :lol:

So glad that you found us all, we're a true mixed bag...

there's a little of everything here at Chef Talk.

I'm sure that you've already checked the joint out; should you have any questions you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

Did you know that is also on Face Book and Pinterest?  Fabulous stuff there too.

I hope to see some of your hanywork in the Galleries soon.

Once again, welcome to Chef Talk.

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