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Cookie Preservatives

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Hello there,


I am a home baker.  I love to make cookies, cakes and other such treats for my friends and family.  Recently I was asked if I would be interested in making cookies for a coffee shop.  My home kitchen has already been inspected and approved for a "cottage industry" bakery.  

I use 100 gauge food grade plastic and a heat sealer to wrap the cookies but they are not shrink wrapped, although I do have heat gun and the plastic is heat shrinkable.


I am wondering what the best way is to keep my cookies fresh.  I use oil in them instead of butter but they do contain eggs.  

About how long will your average chocolate chip cookie last?  Is there a preservative I can add to the dough to make them last longer?

Thanks for the tips. :chef:

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Even oil will turn after a few days.

Some take well to the freezer.

Warm from the oven is best but no longer than 2 days out with a good airtight wrap.

I value my rep more than any middleman's $$.

If the customer wants to hold them or asks you to add preservatives run Forrest run.



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