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Hiya Chefs :)

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Just joined the site, just introducing myself. 

I am a 16 year old chef in training, cooking is my passion and any advice or recipes would be really appreciated, don't be strangers :) 

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You have very nice dishes only thing i would say as far as plate wise is keep it tighter try to build from inside out in stead of spread out. Trying to fill plate. Good job
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Welcome @ChefAlicia wow, that's some intro, have you created an album in the Galleries? 

What types of ingredients do you like to work with, maybe you could tell us a little more, where are you going to Culinary school?  

Me, I'm a Home Cook, I love to cook and bake for my family and friends.  

I found CT a little more than two years ago and now have built up enough confidence in myself to strike out in a new food business.

Please take a moment to review the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines.

If you have questions in regards to the site it self, post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

I hope that you will visit as often as your busy schedule will allow.


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