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Hello, everyone!

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Hello, I am new to the forum.


I am an okay cook for my husband and myself. I can do simple stir fries and soups. As husband and I are starting a family, I want to learn to make pastries (noodles, buns, dumplings, etc), and dishes that are both delicious and presentable.


I am very excited to learn from you guys!

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Aloha Cookie, welcome to Chef Talk.

Have you been cooking for very long?  What cuisines do you want to learn?  With over 50,000 members here at CT, you can find anything you like.  You may want to to start by utilizing the Search bar at the top of the page,  Chef Talk has been around for over 13 years.

A note about the forums, the Professional ones are read only for us folk not employed in the food industries.  If you have questions in regards to the site itself, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

Have you seen the Galleries and everyones photos of there work yet?  I hope to see some from you soon.  Oh, did you know that is on Face Book as well as Pinterest?  More like minded people there as well.

I hope that you will visit often and actively participate in the conversation.

Once again, welcome.

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Thank you!


I've been cooking for almost 10 years, a few times a week.  :blush:  


I like many cuisines, including Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnanmese, Italian, Indian, and more. I want to learn to make a few dishes within each cuisine, probably starting with the ones that my husband and I really like, so we don't have to go to restaurants to have them.


I am going to search round for recipes! I also need to learn how to present food nicely. :crazy: 

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