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Fish is always really wet

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Hello, I'm a college student and at the beginning of this semester I started doing all my cooking on my own instead of going to the dining halls on campus. I've found it really nice (since you can actually eat what YOU want) but I have a question since I'm still a newbie. I have prepared my fish almost the same way every time and it always comes out very wet. For instance, tonight I baked tilapia. I baked 2 filets seasoned with cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, and a good amount of lemon juice at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. This time it was even more juicier than it has been with past fish (salmon, mahi, etc.) but I also used more lemon juice this time. Does adding lemon juice make the fish stay wet through baking? I mean it doesn't taste bad when it's out of the oven; it's more of a texture issue in that it just makes it seem a tad bid slimy. I know tilapia cooks quickly and I don't think it was undercooked, so I'm just curious as to why it was so wet. Any answers?

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Moisture in fish is going to be there.. you can cook it off. Have you tried heating a cast iron pan super hot, putting a little oil.. throw the fish down and flip after 4 minutes.. then bake off what you need to? You can also go with a little extra oil/butter and spoon that hot grease over the fish. Baking is probably not the way to go for you.

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I do that for chicken but I have always baked the fish instead. I'll try that out next time.

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