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Sharpening question..

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Hey guys...

Like a month and a half ago i bought my Yaxell Ran 69 layers Damascus steal knife...

I am working with it none stop in the restaurant i work in...

i feel that its not sharp any more like when i bought it, so my question is, is it healthy to sharp it by a stone already?

i have a 1000\6000 KING wetstone.... 

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I'm not a chef or pro Knife sharpener. But have been keeping razor plus sharp hunting and working blades for over 50 yrs now.


Personally  I'd get\have a smooth as you can get it steel. Ceramic. or flattened Diamond. and use that every time (coupla light laps each side b4 I use it. 

Every time.

If you have a Wusthof whatever ridged good quality round steel take a file then stones\1000 wet and dry. to that till it's like glass.

Then use it for lapping.


I have a smoother than 600grit? diamond steel 10 plus yrs old (F Dick)  smooth as glass.

I use that on every knife.

Just stand it on end. Handle up. on anything that'll stop it slipping on work syrface.

set angle of whatever knife blade to the vertical of steel. And lightly slide knife down steel. Hilt to tip.

Coupla VERY light ones just as you finish.


When that don't work. Then worry about stones.

But those Japanese ones are normally about 8ish deg. near flat to steel to get them right.


I have a coupla cheap Tojiro DP3 blades here  now set to 8ish deg's, and every time I go near the bleeders I bleed.

They always tickle me somewhere. But do a great job.


Only found out about those things recently.  But. By god, They are an enlightenment.

Different Planet to my Wusthof. Mundials. and Power saw blades for skinning.


Just collected my replacement Wusthof 8in Cooks from King of.... Too.

old one around 40 yrs and never let me down. They do EVERYTHING in a normal kitchen.

Micro crack in spine since new.I 've never bothered about it.

Daughter said recently. Take it in dad. They'll change it.

Bejeezus.  They did. No questions. and wusthof now have free sharpening service like in US too

Email\ring for return No. Ship to WA. Comes back sharp.

Gratis... Can't beat that hey..

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IIRC, the OP has been using a steel to maintain a VG-10. A lot of fatigued steel will have to be abraded, and geometry restored, prior to putting a new edge on it. Not sure whether a JIS1000 is the most adequate for such an operation. Anyway, after one and a half month of sustained steeling it will be hard to imagine what the original configuration was alike.
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