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Lurker gone active!

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Hi everyone!

First post here since I just registered. Have been watching the site and more specifically the fora for some time now since it's about time to move from an apartment into a house with the girlfriend. For me that means that I will finally put a lot more effort into cooking and really try to advance from the occasional home cook into someone who dares top have people with some restaurant background over  :)

My food background would be that my brother is a devoted cooking-fanatic who falls asleep every night watching Marco Pierre White or his likes on YouTube, and then tries to recreate the ideas the day after :) I tag along and try to sip in as much as possible of the knowledge (and the Burgundy ;). Living in Sweden means that utensils are pretty expensive but I'm hoping to find advice on how and from where to import stuff.

Knowing myself and my need for structure, lists etc, I think my activities in the fora will mainly consist of asking those annoying questions like "What's best, de Buyer or Mauviel"! During the next two to three years I will try to build a complete kitchen at home; from cutting boards and tomato sharks to nutmeg grinders and cook spoons. I'm hoping to read heated debates, fantastic advices as well as bad ones, and from time to time contribute as much as I can!

Also, with a newly found interest in photography, I'd love to eventually contribute with some food photography!

Thanks everyone for this great site!



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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk, so glad that you found all of us. Lurking is okay, but participating is better.

I'm sure that you've already discovered that we are an eclectic gathering of folk.

You'll find everyone here from can't boil water to CCI; located possibly in Paris or Hong Kong.

Jump in were ever you find interest in the non-professional forums, you may want to utilize the search bar at the top of the page as CT has been around for more than 13 years.  Oh, and check out on Face Book and Pinterest too, LOVE the pins!

Whatever you choose I hope that you will visit often and share in all things food, and welcome once again.

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Thanks for the cheers! I'm totally convinced I'll participate in the discussions and definitely enjoy what the site has to offer!
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