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Hi, I'm Wifey and I'm new here :)

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Thanks to Nick for the warm welcome.  I've never belonged to a site where you post to before so I hope I'm entering my first post in the right place.


I'm a 67 yr old wife, mother and at home cook.  I actually found a blog in here about choosing a chef's knife when I was searching out information on the Masamato vg-10.  I was surprised to find a thread and read wonderful information from seasoned and informed members.  I realized this place could be a gold mine of information so decided I needed to join and here I am.

Look forward to learning a lot in here.

Married to a vegetarian for 33 yrs and feeling sometimes like a human Cuisinart, I figger it's time to learn from some informed and passionate professionals!


I've been a hairdresser and salon owner for 45 yrs and now retired.  I was passionate about having the best tools for my trade and feel the same about outfitting my kitchen. 

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Aloha wifey, me, I'm a wifey too, but my DH is an omnivore, yeah, he'll eat pretty much anything I put in front of him!   ;)

You said it sister, the right tools make the---, in our case here at Chef Talk, COOK!

I hope that you won't stick to the knife forums and will join us all in the non-professional forums.  I say this because folks who are not employed in the food industires are asked to read only there.

If you have any questions in regards to the site itself that are not addressed on the FAQ or Community Guidelines, give a shout out, someone will a generous soul will help you out.

Have you seen CT on Face Book and Pinterest?  Love the pins of FOOD!!!  That's what has drawn us all here, right?

Happy Cooking!

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Hey, Kaneohegirl in AZ,

Ouch, I broke the rules the first day...LOL!

Thanks, I stand corrected, will stay out of the professional forums.  :blush:

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how is it that you broke the rules?  not seein' sister, the three Professional Food Service forums are the ones that you and I need to refrain from, granted I must admit that I have gone there and posted comments a couple of times... it's all good sis!

There are quite a few veggie-only members here at CT,

this is a huge thread!  check it out!


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Hi, KaneoheGirl...


I'm reading the FAQ's now.  So, I think what you are saying is that we can read in the professional areas but we cannot post?

I love learning and reading what real professionals have to say but from experience, I realize that us "on the ground", everyday, unpaid cooks have a lot of knowledge to share too, so I'll be all over this site checking everything out.


Thanks for the heads up on the vegetarian postings, too.  After 33 yrs of cooking for a veggie, I would love some new ideas.


Thanks again for the guiding hand!


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you got it!  we can read but not post in the pro forums, but it's super interesting to peek in on what they talk about, I go read there all the time.

And I SOOOO agree that the HOME EXPERT is the five star rock star, each and every day, putting fantastic food on the table for our friends and loved ones.

The Faq and Communtiy Guidelines, and check out the sticky notes as well on the headers of each forum to get a better idea of what's what and where.

PM's or personal messages to members are okay-dokey too if you have a specific question, also I'm not sure if you noticed the @Wifey ability to give further shout outs to members... very cool stuff lately.

Let any of us mods know if you need assistance...


k~girl (that's so much easier to type than Kaneohe girl in AZ)

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