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Hi everyone, my name's Hayden. I'm a 23 year old engineer by day and a home-cook by night from Western Australia. For me, it's not just about making something taste great, but making it look great also.

I look forward to learning some new techniques and sharing some of my own creations with you all, thanks. In fact, I'll start by heading to the "what did you have for dinner" thread right now. wink.gif

- Hayden
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Aloha, Welcome Hayden, so glad that you found all of us here at Chef Talk.

What type of engineer?  What types for foods are you drawn to, savory, sweets?  Now that I've retired from the outside working world, I now work at making a fabulous home, which includes cooking and baking.  Chef Talk has helped me so much in firstly providing me with the confidence in myself to try new things.

Please take a moment to review the FAQ and Community Guidelines.  Should you have questions about the site itself you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum, or just give a shout out, everyone here is very generous in their knowledge.

I hope that you will visit and contribute as often as you can.

Once again, welcome,  k~girl

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Hi k~girl, I'm a Mechanical Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry. As for my food, I am much more partial to cooking savoury dishes whereas my partner swings towards sweets; good pairing I'd say!
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yin and yang, perfect!

Cook On and enjoy CT

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