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Restaurant moving

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I have been working as a chef in an Italian restaurant for about 2 years now. They are moving and have asked me to set up and run the new kitchen. I can do most of it but have never had to come up with a prep list for an unknown amount of business. I usually am able to base ordering and prep on past sales but the new location is going to negate that entirely. The restaurant is moving from a location that literally has 100 times more traffic so I know I can expect it to be busier but have no idea how much to order/prep. 


I was thinking of just running the first couple of weeks with the usual order and then just adjust based on what we run out of, but I really don't want to run the risk of running out from our normal supplier and being forced to pay twice as much for the same items from a local supplier. Have any of you had experience with something like this before? What's the best way to handle an unknown increase in business?

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Well you need to know what their model is first.  They didn't move without figuring a way to pay for it right?  Ask how much they are expecting in new business, ask to see their business plan.  Unless you're in vacation fun land somewhere nobody really serves food between lunch and dinner so look at the number of seats and figure how many turns is reasonable.  At least that's how I'd do it.

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if you talk to your food rep you might to be able to schedule multiple drops for your first few weeks. You should be able to judge what your weekend is like based on the weekdays leading in. Its a difficult situation, and I usually go with caution the first week and order like I'm going to busy. If owners of an opening restaurant can't understand high food costs in the first week of opening then you've got bigger problems.
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Yeah no business plan...I'm not trying to talk smack on this place. It has a lot of potential and their lack of experience as chef owners is a good challenge. I like the idea of counting seats and figuring out what our maximum covers will be. Honestly it is good to find people that speak the same language.
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I gotta tell you.  Sometimes when you fill a small restaurant it's because of dumb luck that there is just enough people in the neighborhood to fill that space.

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