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cinnamon rolls

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Got up early to try making cinnamon rolls.  Since they require to rise twice..that is like 2 hours of inactive time.. would it be possible to break up the steps and when?  It seems simple enough.. add the sugar and butter/milk to the yeast and water mixture.  Add eggs then beat until the the dough no longer sticks to the sides of the bowl.  Then you let it rest in a warm place to two hours. At this point, can I stick them in the fridge and finish them next morning? 

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Sure... Lightly oil the ball and wrap well in cling film to prevent crusting.
Place in a warm place to bring back to temp.
If I want cinnamon rolls for breakfast I complete all the way up to oven ready , cover and park in fridge.
Pop straight into 350 oven while waiting for coffee to perk.
You may need to cover with foil if browning before fully risen.

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