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help with knife brand ID

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when cruising along stephan's custom handles i stumbled upon this knife; anyone knows it's brand?

also, on a different note, would like some input of your "personal best" natural sharpening stones - do share with me which ones you fancy as your medium coarse and finish? i'm willing to sell my current set for some 2/3 naturals from maxim...

thank you all

ps - this is my first post here :3



edit: kumagoro maybe??

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maybe if you could zoom in on the kanji, try to get a clearer shot of the kanji

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Have no idea about this knife brand but it's a pleasure to do business with Maxim, so why not just ask him for an advice? 

I'm absolutely happy with Takashima finishing stone. It easy to work with, puts a great edge and has great feeling and smell (!)



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