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Greetings from Germany

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Hi all,


my name is Martin, I'm 39 years old and I am from Erding (fair sized town about 20 miles north-east of Munich).


I found this forum by following a link and decided to join because I liked the variety of topics and knowledge displayed in the threads.

I have never worked in a professional kitchen or have any experience in the food industry, but I like cooking and especially nice kitchenware - pots, pans and, especially, knives, which I have been collecting for quite some time ... maybe you can tell ...


My two latest purchases, an F. Dick 1778 chef's knife and a Tojiro DP HQ gyuto, unfortunately hadn't arrived yet when I took the photo.


I earn my living by teaching Englisch as a foreign language at college level, and occasionally psychology and pedagogics, too. I often hang out on English language forums to keep my English brushed up, mostly on my favourite motorcycle site but also on the /ck/ cooking channel on That place is hilariously anarchic at times, but it can get old quickly when one is looking for serious advice ... which has bought me here :)


I expect I will mostly be lurking except maybe in the knife forum.


All the best from Erding,


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Wie geht's Martin! Angenehm.

You have quite the collection there. I see you have a few Wusthof,what other brands are your favorites?

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Welcome to Chef Talk Martin, so glad that you found all of us.

Let me guess, you like knives?  I hope that you won't stick to the Knife forum, HA!  :lol:

Once you've gone over the FAQ and Community Guidelines and you still have any questions in regards to the site itself, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion.  Speaking of forums, the Professional Forums are read only for those who are not employed in the Food Industries, but they do make for an interesting read.

Did you see on Face Book as well as Pinterest?  Great stuff there too.

CT has over 50,000 members, speaking many, many languages, I think that you'll get a good English-work-out.

Cook On!

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Originally Posted by Mackenzie Jackson View Post

Wie geht's Martin! Angenehm.

You have quite the collection there. I see you have a few Wusthof,what other brands are your favorites?


I don't really have any favourites, I mostly buy the knives based on a a well known, reliable brandname or if I like their looks or I want to try out a new shape ... That's why I have a lot of really cheap beaters too, like the Zebra knife or the santoku which were just a few dollars each. Mediocre quality at best but I don't mind sharpening my knives.


My next pieces will most likely be a Felix Platinum Series and a Böker Casa. I also recently found a very nice handmade one by Jürgen Schanz ... I gotta keep myself in check ...  :lol:

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