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To add take out or not?

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My friend, of course, has a mid market sit down casual dining restaurant with good food.   He is thinking of adding take out, but doesn't really have much of a way for people to not disrupt diners.   Any ideas?  What has been your experiences?

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This is tough to answer without seeing the restaurant but I'll offer a few thoughts.

1. Remove all plants, side tables and other things from a short section of wall near the register and install a comfortable bench instead. 

2. Install a windbreak entry outside the entrance large enough to hold a couple of benches. 

3. Start offering take out anyway and see how much disruption there actually is. 

4. Put an attractive dressing screen or half wall with plants near the entrance to block the view of those coming and going. 

5. If he anticipates enough business from the take out, it might be worth losing a table near the entrance to make the necessary adjustments. 

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