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Much needed advice on cookware reccommendation

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  Having just joined it might take me a little to get used to this; however I am starting with a many time asked question?  What type of cookware is best-I'm interested in copper and an all ply type of cookware-it's a gift for my parents for Christmas.  I am on a limited budget, but was wondering about purchasing one or two appropriate pieces of copper (perhaps DeBuyer or the Italian make Paderno) and maybe a beginners set such as Berghoff, Tramontina, or WMF.  Also Centurion.


  I also looked into Le Cuivre but was told it was third class.


I've read about many other brands but am becoming overwhelmed.  I am mostly looking at brands outside the US, but any little known brand you can think of that is good, I would appreciate.  We all do a lot of cooking and its time my parents had a good set of cookware.



I can't wait to hear from you.  i just need some advice, desperately!

Thank you

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@April30 maybe you might consider buying Made In America brands?  I was watching the news the other night, and what's that guys name?  started his quest to see who is buying their gits this Christmas that are Made In America...

I for one have had a set of Revere Ware for more years than I could tell you, and the still perform like a dream!

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Thank you- I had forgotten about Revere Ware. Is it a pretty reliable brand?
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well, I've had mine for well over 30 years, go figure

you don't need to spend hundreds if not thousands for dollars for cookware

are parents didn't do it

our grandparents didn't do it

why should you?

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True- I don't intend to either, I just want to do thorough research-- I think it comes with being in English Lit. I overanalyze Everything.
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I was just wondering if there are any good German brands of cookware that anyone would recommend? I know there is WMF and Fiddler, but I was wondering if anyone knew of others?
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I meant Fissler;)
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Woll is a well recognized German brand.


be very very careful if you venture into "non-stick" cookware.  there are many many very very deceptive "marketing claims" about non-stick/PFOA/PTFE/ etc. ala "Swiss Diamond"


for copper, there is an American maker -

the demand has exceeded supply and at last check they were not accepting new orders.


European copper cookware





the "best solid copper stuff" is 2.5 or 3 mm thick copper; Falk was reported to be using 2 mm copper but they no longer present such specific data on their website.


the brands offer different shapes, lips, handles.  available 'old school tinned' or stainless steel interiors - I recommend the stainless interior.


there are other solid copper brands "made in xxxx, yyy, zzz" - generally inferior, often intended as wall hangers, not real cookware.


there's a reason "solid copper" is often cited as "the best" - I have a bunch, I use it daily, it is the best - and I have bought/tried/used/now discarded different pieces from all the major brands. 


the advantages of solid copper are best exploited using gas vs. electric.  solid copper does not work with induction.

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then there is DeBuyer, much more affordable than Mauviel, and as good.

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