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Greetings from April30

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Hello!  This is obviously my first time on ChefTalk and I'm a little nervous.  However, I love to cook and am learning more every day.  My types of meals to make are lowfat and of different ethnic backgrounds from my own PA Dutch-I'll try just about anything.  


I am thirty and yes, still live with my parents due to health issues.  I decided to join ChefTalk because I enjoy your discussions and need a lot of culinary advice.  My parents and I all love to cook, and as I posted in my thread am looking into buying them new cookware for Christmas.


I look forward to many discussions to come and thank you all for your warm welcome!

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Aloha, Hola, Ni Hao, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Namasthe, Shalom, Kia ora, Dia Dhuit, Buon giorno, Bom dia ...

thanks goodness for Google Translate:lol:

Welcome @April30  to Chef Talk in any language, so glad that you've found all of us.  All 50,000+ of us!

I think that you'll be pretty busy chatting up folks from all around the world... me, I'm from Hawaii, anything you want to know about my cuisine, I got it!  Any of us are more than willing to help out with anything related to food, period.

Take a breath and look around, if you have questions, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  About forums, the Professional ones are read only to us who are not employed in

the Food Industries.

I hope to see some of your handy work in the Galleries soon!  Have you checked out on Pinerest yet?  I also hope that you will visit as often as you can and participate frequently.

Once again, welcome!

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