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Today I tried this   they looked flat and tasted a bit eggy , I am usually really good at following directions,reading manuals etc . any help from anyone's experience would be greatly appreciated :)

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Choux depends on an (initial) big blast of heat to get the airy puff it is so well known for.

If you don't have an oven thermometer they are really cheap so buy 2.

You may find that most of the box is spot on temp but has a hotter area that is great for recipes needing a blast for steam rising.

Did that make sense?

Cannot help with the eggy part (unless you skip the yolk wash).

Could be you have super eggy eggs or maybe the brand of cheese is exacerbating the egg flavor on your palate?

Chill your dough before piping...blast of heat.... maybe if you can get the finished product more airy the other problem will disappear.




Welcome to CT jimmythewino....

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Yeah it sounds like oven wasn't hot enough.

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