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Help Identifying Knife

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Hi Everyone,


So glad to join these forums. I'm wondering if someone could help me identify the following knife? I'm trying to purchase a replacement because I chipped the edge of the knife accidentally. Any help would be great!


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It is a Kikuichi. Not sure of the model but the little chrysanthemum symbol is Kikuichi's trademark.



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Thanks for your help! Can anyone help with the model? I know that Knife companies have general consumer models (e.g., Wusthof gourmet) and more fancy models (e.g., wusthof classic). I want to make sure I'm getting the correct replacement.

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None of the brands on their website seem to match the knife in the above picture ( If anyone else has suggestions for how to identify, that would be great!

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Ther was a "Gold" line sold through Williams Sonoma, and The Knife Merchant sells a different gold line. Both the Knife Merchant and Chef Knives to Go both sell Kikuichi and could let you know any warranty hope.

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Thanks for your help!

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On the knife

Kikuichi provides customers/end-users with free sharpening and free repair/re-fabrication service on any Kikuichi knives no matter years of usage. Customer has to be responsible its shipping cost on both ways to/from Kikuichi’s New Jersey office. Call at 201-567-8388 or send an email to to obtain return authorization number.
Shipping cost for a repair that to be done in Japan will be at Kikuichi’s expenses. Customer does not have to pay its international shipping cost but to/from New Jersey office.
Free engraving with Kanji character or English alphabet can also be arranged.
Free replacement is subject to the condition of the knife.



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