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I dont know what to do

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im currently enrolled in culinary school and also work full time for a restaurant. i had started working in this restaurant at the beginning of the year and it has be a hell of a challenge. I've actually become excelling good at working there from improving tickets times, taste of my food, n of course my knife skills. well since then they have gone through alot of cooks now at the moment im the only hot side cook n theres one cold side cook. the owner told me that im to be kitchen manager in the coming months along with a new menu. the thing im asking is how do you mange people? im only 19 everyone one else are past 25. so my question is how should i go about managing the new cooks that are coming in, im confident in my work bout i dont want to come across as cocky. i would also would like some ideas on dishes if you dont mind we are a soul and seafood restaurant all feed back is appreciated  

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Scour the local used bookstores for books on those topics. there are lots of threads here you can review as well and of course I expect many of the members will have excellent ideas. 


As for managing the staff, I would suggest you don't. Manage the kitchen instead. What I mean by that is to focus on having clear prep and production schedules. what needs to be done and when. Let your expectations for cleanliness and order be known in a matter of fact way. don't lose your cool. Keep on top of ordering the food, running the line efficiently, managing the expediting; all the practical concerns involved in a kitchen. When working, set the example. Be clean and neat always. Have your mise-en-place done in a timely fashion. Make sure each cook has a notebook to write down a diagram of their work station and prep lists. Receiving food, preparing the food, storing the food in the proper manner. 

Set the social tone of the kitchen in your own image. For example-remaining calm at all times, no swearing, no mistreating the waitstaff, accommodating customer requests without emotion, handling the unexpected without getting thrown by it. 

If you can appear in control of things, the cooks will have much more confidence in you and feel more confident about the situation overall. 

If someone gets out of line, it isn't necessary to yell to assert yourself. Take them aside and simply inform them that the way they behaved may be normal in someone else's kitchen but not in yours. The good ones will fall in line almost immediately, the ones with potential may need a second chance or two and the rest you get rid of. 

Be clear about your expectations but remain open to new ideas. Others may be able to point out how to improve things and show you things you can use. Your age is not as important as a positive attitude and willingness to work hard, learn and adapt.  

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