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pulled sugar help :)

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Hi there!


I have recently being trying candy canes. I use whitner in the white part, and everything works great, and then overnight the canes bend over eachother.


any help would be great!

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It sounds like your pulled sugar is exhibiting cold flow when it shouldnt. What temp are you boiling to? What your formula look like? More then likely, assuming your taking your sugar to a high enough temp (around 315 f) you may have too much acid in your formula, making your boiled sugar excessively soft, and thus displaying cold flow when in storage. Are you using cream of tartar? If you are, add in only half as much and make sure to bring your sugar to 315 f.


On a side note, what whitener are you using? Titanium dioxide? In my experience, whiteners are nice to get a brilliant white on a showpiece, other wise, where pulled hard candies are concerned, you should be able to get a bright white just from pulling. Hope any of that helps.

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I am bring it to between 315-320 and my recipe is
2lbs sugar
1vup water
1/2 cup corn syrup
1tbsp vinegar

Yes thsts the whitner I am using. And have only found yhis problem since using it. And although I can get ehite by pulling, I was hoping for a bright white. But if thats the problem, I will surely leave it out.

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