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Help with preserving chutney

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I'm new here. I just a attempted making a home-made chutney for the first time, to give out as xmas presents. However after I made it, I realised I may have made some mistakes when it comes to sterilisation and preserving.

I cooked the chutney (recipe: BBC good food apple & cranberry chutney) for well over an hour and a half. At the same time I sterilised my kilner jars in the oven for 30 mins.

However, two things I believe I did wrong...
1. I let the jars cool completely before filling (to the top) with chutney
2. I left the orange rubber seals on the side and did not sterilize.

Now the chutney is all put away in the jars. Have I made a fatal error? If so, is it time to start from scratch, or is there anything I can do?

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Anyone? Help? I don't know if I should bin the whole lot and start again, or whether it'll probably be fine!

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This company literally wrote the book when it comes to preserving food in a safe manner.

My mom gave me hers (she got it from her mom) but there is a much more updated version that is invaluable (I have it and use it EVERY time I "put things in jars for safekeeping")


About the chutney (and anything else you are unsure of, even a can of green beans from the supermarket)...when in doubt throw it out.

If you had placed it all in the fridge as soon as it came off the stove...yeah it MIGHT have been ok for personal use (might).

As is (and I am aware it will hurt) toss it and wash your hands really well before touching anything else.



Keep in mind that the most deadly foodborne pathogens are almost impossible to detect without a microscope.




Don't let the above frighten you away from "canning".

IMO it is one of the most satisfying hobbies around.

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