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Austin, TX

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Hey everyone, your advice would be appreciated. I am heading down south to Austin in a little over a month and need some food recommendations, including good areas to stay that are close to great restaurants. Beer is also a major bonus. I grew up in Dallas, moved to Utah, but haven't been to Austin since I was a child so I'm killing for some real Texan barbeque and southern food, but am also very open to ethnic. Also, are there pods that have multiple food carts? I will be staying for about one week.

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I would suggest for a few recent articles, one re barbecue and another hit on the truck movement and when to find them where.
I wouldn't bother with the "laundry list" of popular restaurants as most are out of date ads.
Austin is a big college town so you will find lots of casual and cheap places to eat and of course free music everywhere on most nites.
If you get the urge for a classic flat top grilled burger try Huts just off campus (6th St.?) for a have the rings (the beer is cold and the selection is pretty good as well).
As for where you can lay your head I have nothing for you.
Austin may be populated by Peter Pans but it is still in Texas (and the capital of my great state as well) so rent a car and be prepared to drive.

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Hopefully it's not too late, and you haven't already made your trip.  Austin is where my hat currently lays.  I'm not in tune with much of the current hot spots as I'm suburban tech junkie who often times just prefers food at home.

All that said, I think it's harder to end up with bad food than to find good food around here.  Texans love to eat!  Currently the hot BBQ spot is Franklin's  off of 11th.  I haven't braved the line yet as it's always busy, but I would imagine it holds up to it's reputation. There are a lot of other places just around every corner as well.  Honestly, most of them are actually very good.  I would journey down South Congress and stop at the first place that looks and smells good.  You can do that every night and get a lot of nice variety.  


Because Austin is a trendy college town everyone likes the places no one knows about, and as soon as they get a nice customer base it usually becomes "remember how good this place was before it was popular"   So don't be afraid to try new places! 

Let us know where you end up going and how it was.  I like to know if Austin lives  up to the hype it currently has. :)

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What is the name of that 24 hour cafe on Congress?

I wanted to include it but couldn't remember.

It is in a white vintage bldg?

Great waffles.



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