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For 7 years, my 3 trusty Shun knives (9" Chef's, 6" Petty, and 4" Paring) have left me with no complaints whatsoever. I still love them to death, but I find myself wanting to expand my tool kit with a knife optimized for precise vegetable prep. Recently I find myself doing a lot more vegetable prep with the 6" than the 9" (onions in particular go a lot faster with the thinner, more precise knife). The two problems that I have are that my knuckles often get in the way when I am using my Shun petty knife, and the blade really isn't designed to cut flat down to the board.


So I decided to start looking for a nice Usuba (Nakiri) knife. I want to find one with a right hand bevel (kataba) edge and a concave (urasaki) back. Furthermore, I want to look at some manufacturers besides Shun (and some metals besides VG-10).


The knife that I would consider from Shun is: Shun Pro 100% VG-10


But really, I would rather add character to my kit by buying an interesting knife from a different company.


What are your recommendations?