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Culinary Instructor Marketing..........

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Seeking.....Good afternoon chefs!  If anyone has advice on a great way to "market" myself to teach courses such as "ServSafe" Certification classes etc.... or LEADS please get with me! Very interested in getting started on perhaps traveling,corporate and "New Openings.


   Thank you so much all !!  Happy Holiday's to all and may the New Year bring you all the Joy and Prosperity you deserve!!


                                                                                                                                          Chef F.X. Mxphillips

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I taught ServSafe to in the Calif. Dept. of Corrections around 10 years ago. Since it was an in-house job, I didn't have to look for work. I would teach classes to staff cooks at my prison and those from neighboring prisons every couple months while doing my regular job as a food service manager.

I would look at venues that teach ServSafe-type classes (ServSafe is only one of five-six approved courses on the market). Community colleges, culinary schools, neighborhood community-based programs, adult education programs, state restaurant associations, etc., often offer these type of classes. Walk in and introduce yourself. Find out what their needs are and see how you can fit in.

I wouldn't expect fulltime work teaching ServSafe. Also check with the National Restaurant Association to see what it takes to teach their course. As I remember, you had to score over 94-95% (forget the specific score) on the course and submit proof that I was a trainer for my organization (job description, etc.).
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         Thanks Seabee,


I'm already a Culinary Arts Instructor here in Harrisburg and I'm just trying to think "out of the box" of a sort.


  I've been in the industry for over 30 yrs., a graduate of J & W University and truly looking for some other ways to use 


the skills we all have in some other fashions or venues.


   In 2009, due to a genetic spinal issue, the Docs. told me I would more than likely never walk again. Well, here we are 


and I'm walking (took 31/2 yrs. of PT) I'll have none of that by jove!!!  That is why I became an Instructor. I honestly can't see 


myself running round kitchens for 12 - 14 hrs.a day any longer.


    So, long story short, I'm seeking to use my experience in as many other ways as possible. I've already been a consultant,


opening new operations for others etc...


   I enjoy teaching, but need to "explore" more avenues.  Ha....goin a little stir crazy!!!



                                                                                                                              Thanks again!!

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Have you considered trying front of house? Perhaps a health inspector?

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Yes my friend,as a matter of fact. All options open in my thoughts!!!  


                                                                                      Much Thanks!!!

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