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not getting a burr...

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Hello all.
I am sharpening my knife on a king 1000\6000 stone..while im on 1000 sharpening im not getting any burr at all...what can be the problem??? 

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What brand of knife is it?

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How are you checking for the burr, and what angle are you sharpening at?

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After some two months of sustained steeling it will need a good thinning before any edge building.
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Use the magic marker method to find out what you are actually grinding away, my guess is you are grinding at a shallower angle than your current bevel. Nothing wrong with that but it does take a lot longer.

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Aside from the other points raised, depending how dull it had gotten and any other edge issues a coarser stage may be needed.


I carry a 220 and 400 grit Gesshin and they do get a lot of use for thinning or on very dull or damaged blades.



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