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Looking for my first Japanese knife

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Hello all,

I've been cooking since I was 13, 56 now, I've had the german knives in sets and separately and I'm looking to get my first Japanese knife.

Starting to get serious about sharpening, just threw out my 25 year old chefs choice electric sharpener. Ive got a 1000 waterstone from lee valley.


I'm in NYC and stopped by the Korin store and was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and selection.


I'd like to stay in the < $150. range.

If possible from Amazon(I've got some credit there).



Home cook.

Chopping and slicing.

Daily driver.

My favorite size is a 6-8" chefs


Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


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As a first introduction to thin Japanese blades I would suggest either a Misono 440, with Korin, or a Hiromoto AS with JCK,
Get a 240mm gyuto. Don't be afraid about the length, you will get used to it and they don't feel like Germans of that length.
Both are middle of the road Western chef's knives, not overly thin, well balanced for a pinch gripper.
The Misono is stainless monosteel, has a great Fit&Finish. The Hiromoto has a carbon core with a soft stainless clad. It's core steel is probably the best you may wish, certainly if its hardness is kept reasonable.
Would you go for the Misono with Korin, ask for the free initial stone sharpening. And Korin has its sales now, -15% til the end of the year IIRC.
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While you are at Korin, sign-up for their FREE knife sharpening demonstration.  Much to learn.

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If you are looking for something from amazon you could consider the tojiro dp. This is lower quality f&f but still a good intro into Japanese knives. I believe you can also get the suisin inox on amazon. I haven't used this knife but it seems to be well liked as an entry into j knives.
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Thanks for all of the info.

I'll head over to Korin and check out the sale.

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I just picked up a  210mm Togiharu Nickel Damascus Gyutou from Korin.

Very pretty.


​I ran thru a couple of stalks of celery, just wonderful. Then a couple of very ripe cherry tomatoes, not as nice. the knife seemed to need more of a pull through slice. It was sharpened/touched up on site at 8000 grit.

My other knife Wusthof slicer sharpened to 1000 went through the tomato a bit easier. I gather because it had a rougher edge.


Any thoughts on getting the Togiharu sharper would be welcome.




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A few very light edge trailing strokes on your finest stone -- or the one before -- will do. Possible causes: a very hard board, sand with the celery, the silica in the celery, too tight a grip or too much pressure as you aren't yet used to work with a much lighter and thinner knife.
I guess the Korin guys have performed a full sharpening on the 8k stone, removing all the scratches from the previous stones. That's fine, but some prefer an edge with a bit of bite. It takes some time to find the balance you like.
Anyway, nothing to worry about. A very, very common "problem".
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