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Corn bread crust question

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I am starting a new fresh sheet in my restaurant next week and I am putting a Black Bean Chili Pot pie w/ Cornbread crust on it. I am having troubles with figuring out a recipe on the crust. The oven we use on line is our pizza oven and it is at 500 degrees so it will need to be able to cook at that high of a temp but not burn. The cornbread we serve is the box stuff that comes from sysco and im sure  there is a way to use that instead of doing it straight from sratch. i am just hoping someone out there either has some ideas of where to start. I am not completely against buying cornmeal or semolina flour to make the dough from scratch i am just trying to avoid buying extra products if I dont need to. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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What results have you had so far? Is the crust burning before cooking through? Is it remaining uncooked where the cornbread touches the chili? Are you precooking the cornbread before putting it on the chili to finish in the pizza oven? Is the chili in a steam table? Need a little more detail.

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I make a sort of tamale pie casserole from scratch that is quite successful but it is baked in a conventional oven.

If it is a personal pie you are seeking......

Bake the bread component separately (done but not brown) and and when the table is fired (as the beast hinted at) dish the filling and plop a piece of cornbread on top..stick it under the salamander to warm up and brown...




*what is the garnish...just curious.

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I ended up doing a roasted corn pancake on top. looks really good cause of the color it gets from the flat top. oh and we are doing cheddar jack red onion and cilantro for a garnish. comes out looking really good. it is selling pretty good too, which is definitely a bonus.

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