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Hi I'm new to this site. My name is Rich and I look forward to utilizing the great info
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Hi Rich... welcome to the forum.  What you ask is a topic I find easy to discuss but difficult to do in real life.  :)


My approach to that issue (now removed... reheating leftover leg of lamb) is two-fold:  1.  Reheat in microwave on the lowest possible setting, which takes a long time, and watching it like a hawk so it is reheated as little as necessary to be edible.  Bringing the roast to room temp first is essential to avoid overcooking.  2.  Convert the roast to "something else".  For example, I did a braised pork shoulder for Christmas and made way more than we ate.  So the next meal was "BBQ pork" sandwiches made with the shoulder heated up in a BBQ sauce, and another meal was Chile Verde made with the rest of the pork.


I find that converting leftover roast into another type of dish, especially a saucy dish, is most successful approach.  Plus it helps make it more palatable to my family who, unlike me, prefers not to eat the same dish twice within recent memory.


If I had leg of lamb leftovers I'd be thinking mousakka (or however that is spelled)... or BBQ lamb sandwiches... or lamb dip sandwiches.  :)

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Thanks Brian,
Unfortunately we have an 11lb bone in leg of lamb that we couldn't eat last night. We had a friend that we had to help out so we didn't get to it. We were bummed about it but what do you do. I sure would like to figure out how to reheat it as is. Thanks.
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