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Help! How to Achieve this "Perfect" Cake? Help!

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I  need help to achieve the perfect cake!
I tried a cake in a small yet quiet popular shop in Asia,  in truth their product is just cake bread with a few different flavors such as green tea,  chocolate, sesame seeds.. ..  And just plain (basic one) 

Since then I have been obsessing myself on how to achieve such amazing result.  The cake sponge in baked in big batches,  say 80x50 cm trays and then cut in portions say about 25x10cm when they sell it.  The sponge is very high,  looking at the top you can see that it raised a lot and if you push it down it would spring back..  It is very moist and a bit jelly like and it melts in your mouth.. In fact doesn't take more than 3 or 4 chews.  And has a shelf life of many days. 


In Asia baked products must be very fluffy and tender to meet the customer taste.  I am sure they use very little or no flour as well as some additives to get those results.


My question is which one?
I thought it could be some gum/jell like and I tried a few common ingredients used in Molecular gastronomy such as alginic gel,  agar agar,  xanthan Gum, carrageenan,  egg whites powder.. I almost got there with the taste but not with the looking because the top of My cakes keep collapsing. (even if there is a possibility that i have use them or some of them in the wrong way)

I got to know the chef that works in that shop and I tried to convince him to disclose his secret..  But the problem is that seems that he gets a preparation in form of powder from the head office or something from Taiwan in which he adds fresh eggs (2:1) and milk.  Bake for an hour and take out of the oven straight away flip it up side down in which it almost bounce a bit take the tray away and flip it back again with the help of a wooden board. 


The cake is very very moist but not wet! that's why i keep thinking of this video clip you can clearly hear the sound of the moist as i tear a slice.



Section of a teared slice. check out the crumb


chocolate one


this is a new one with custard cream and an hint of blueberry. see hot the cream is well suspender in the middle of the sponge, all at the same level


without compromising the looking of the top


Is paramount for me to understand the  "secret"  behind this kind of cake and any help is greatly appreciated 

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Beautiful cake.

Probably a whole egg foam with just a bit of binder (flour? starch?) to hold it together.

I could almost feel the texture while watching the video.

Thanks for sharing.




OOPs (for repeating what you already posted)  sorry you totally distracted me with the video.

Do you know the name of the cafe or better yet the parent company?



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Yes probably but held together by what? Too much flour would affect the texture too much. I've tried. And too less would make the top of the cake collapse. What about adding just gluten? That would make a more jelly Sponge wouldn't it?

No idea on the name of the cake... Or the company.. Is all in Chinese.

But I just found out that there are 2or 3 companies here where I am that make the same kind of product
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If the baker only adds egg and milk the mix will have to contain a sweetener as well as a binder.
I suspect it is a simple cake or pudding type dry mix.
The baker is holding out on you.
He may get his from Taiwan but it is probably offered in every store in town.
The batter is only half the will have to learn that filling and fold over technique as well as source that unusual pan.
That will be the difficult part.

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Year I am sure that the mix contains sweetener as well..
Ok say it is a "pudding cake" in that case what is the best binder to use?

I tried another company.. The cake looks similar but not as moist and jelly as this one

Also shelf life definitely not as long

I saw today what kind of mixer they gave.. Seeing it could help?
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I wouldn't worry so much about the shelf life right now.

Get the product down first as without your "perfect" cake all that worry will be a moot point.

So you have tried the other cakes and not as good...maybe the first baker just has a better touch.

You want to know what I would do?

Stop wasting eggs and milk and other ingredients and do more research.

Hit the 'net and plug in some descriptive words (don't leave out your location...that will most likely be key) and google images.

Take some samples to a few housewives and others that bake at home.

If the pastry is all that people will be familiar with it and either have a recipe or a mix in the pantry.




* I would also take those Chinese "words" around to a few grocery stores and compare with the labels on cake mix packages.

  Yah nevah know.......



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Could this be a steamed sponge or chiffon cake? The steaming would make the cake very moist.
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They look so similar... 

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Originally Posted by Greenranger View Post


They look so similar...


It does look similar but if you listen to the embeded vid the angel food cake sounds nothing like the OP's holy grail when manipulated.

Wonder if he every found his answers?



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