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Hello from Mexico!

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I am Daniel Jimenez, I am 28 years and I live in Jalisco, Mexico.

I am a mechatronic enginner that works as a software developer that does not know anything about cooking, but I am willing to learn! I have take a look at the forum and I like a lot!

I wanted to join the comunity to share my experience and take some help, main goal is to learn how to make good crepes and have feedback from the comunity on the process.

In my spare time I have build some CNC machines and 3D printer, I am starting a new project I am doing a chocolate printer and I want the crepes as a base to print the chocolate on them, sounds like a crazy idea!, but I think that is a good project to learn something about food and convine that with other stuff that I like :)


I am very exited to join this forum!, If you need something from my side don't hesitate to contact me!


Kind regards

Daniel Jimenez

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Welcome---You are going to need pictures!  I love the idea of mixing your high tec work and chocolate.


My next trip is going to be to your state---I have friends there and they are hoping I'll come---


I look forward to hearing some stories about your state----never been there--Mike----

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Hi Mike


Thank you!

Yes, for sure I will post photos and videos of the progress!, I already have some videos of my cnc and 3d printer out there.

I will post all the process of my attemps with the crepes and the chocolate printer :)


So nice that you are comming here!, you are going to love the place, a lot of friendly people, beautiful places and nice weather!

If you need some advice to places to visit on your trip I can help you with that!


Kind regards

Daniel Jimenez

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I might retire and move there--that's the reason for the trip-----

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